Receipt Hog – Earn Cash by Uploading Receipts!

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Earn some additional cash by uploading your shopping receipts to the Receipt Hog App. Unlike other apps that require you to purchase specific items, Receipt Hog allows you to submit receipts from ANY purchase at ANY grocer, supercenter, club store, dollar store, drug store, convenience mart, beauty supply or pet supply store.

For each receipt submitted you’ll earn from 5 to 20 coins depending on how much you spend on that shopping trip.

< $10 = 5 coins
$10 – $50 = 10 coins
$50 – $100 = 15 coins
> $100 = 20 coins

Receipts are submitted simply by using the camera on your smartphone. Receipts within 14 days of the purchase date can be submitted. There’s a max of 3 receipts from the same store per day and 20 total receipts per week.

Additional coins can be earned by taking surveys when available and referring friends. Once you submit at least one receipt 5 weeks in a row you’ll have gone “Hog Wild”, which means you’ll have an opportunity to get more coins by earning a spin on the Hog Slots for each receipt submitted.

Once you’ve earned enough, you can cash out through Paypal or get choose to get an Amazon gift card. The longer you wait to cash out the better coin to cash ratio you get.

1000 coins = $5
1800 coins = $10
3200 coins = $20
4500 coins = $30

Download the Receipt Hog App here, and start earning some extra cash!

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