4 Six Flags Fiesta Texas Tickets & a $40 IHOP Gift Card for $79.99!

UPDATE:  The below deal is over, but there’s a Six Flags Fiesta Texas and IHOP deal available starting 07/16/18 for the summer of 2018.  Head over here for more info.

Have you heard that the Six Flags Fiesta Texas deal is back this summer at IHOP?  For only $79.99 you’ll receive 4 tickets to Six Flags Fiesta Texas and a $40 IHOP gift card!  That works out to just $10 per ticket, if you planned on eating at IHOP anyway.

Tickets are available (or will be soon) at participating IHOP locations, but they will be valid from 07/31/17 – 09/10/17 only.  If your location doesn’t have them yet, be patient.  The manager at my location will be going to a meeting on 07/12.

This is a limited time offer available while supplies last.  When this deal was happening last year they were available at IHOP locations all over South Texas (see reader comments here).

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108 thoughts on “4 Six Flags Fiesta Texas Tickets & a $40 IHOP Gift Card for $79.99!”

    1. IHOP in Austin (11654 Research Blvd, Austin, TX 78759) has the coupon. It turns out to be around $85 incl tax. Great deal since individual tickets are $58 online. Thanks for sharing!!!

          1. Hi Ronda, last year they did have them at the McAllen location on N. 10th. Reader Rosa has provided the phone number for McAllen IHOP, 956-682-4467.

      1. Katie could you help me find me this tickets. If you know anywhere they got them could you let me know . My number just in case is 832351XXXX I called multiple ihops an Noone has any info on it. Thank you or this is my email miguelloxxxx@yahoo.com

          1. Hi Katie. Just wanted to let you know the New Braunfels IHOP just outside San Antonio on IH-35 has them. I just got off the phone and they said I could pick mine up tomorrow. 4 tickets and $40 gift card for $80.00. What a great deal!!! Thanks for the heads up on this. IHOP’s number is 830-620 0115. Thanks Katie.

        1. Hi Miguel, I’m picking mine up tomorrow 07/26 at the IHOP in New Braunfels off IH-35. Their number is 830-620 0115. I just got off the phone with them and they have them. Hope this helps.

        1. Yes you have to use all four in one visit. I asked the same question last year and the lady at the gate wouldn’t let me split them.

  1. I am also looking for the promotion. Called a couple of IHOP restaurants and managers didn’t know anything. I just called corporate office (4:33pm 7/17 and left a message.

  2. Katie, Hi!! Forgot to mention that I am in the Houston area, Pearland. Flying back home tomorrow, so I called the only IHop in town and manager said they HAVE the offer!!!! Guess what I am doing as soon as I leave airport? THanks so much and good luck to y’all. Let me know how I can help

  3. Mark, I called 3 IHOP restaurants here in Houston (I’m visiting) and yes, none of them knew anything about it. Managers had no idea what I was talking about. Sorry 🙁 I’m flying home tomorrow and will go to the ONLY IHOP in my town to get the deal. I know the manager, he said he had plenty. I wish I could help

      1. Hi Steffi,
        None of the three IHOP’s I called had them. He store I am referring to is in my hometown.

    1. Hi Claudia. Another reader, Rosa, has called 3 of the IHOP’s in Houston and they did not know anything about the promotion, so it doesn’t look like it.

  4. Do you know if you have to use all 4 tickets the same day. Or can you split them 2 one day and 2 another day . Thank you

    1. Hi Stephen. Last year we received 1 voucher from IHOP. We took that voucher to the ticket center at Six Flags and turned it in for 4 tickets, that I recall only being valid that day. Hope this helps.

  5. Everyone, I just got my $79.99 ticket for 4 plus $40 gift card ($83.29) This is in Brownsville, Tx. The manager told me, not all IHOP restaurants have it. He has plenty!!! I wish I can help y’all.

      1. Hello, if last year is any indication of who is participating this year, try the IHOP on N 10th in McAllen. They did have them according to one reader who got them there last year. You can try calling if the drive is far.

  6. So I called around to every location in Houston and they said they are not participating in the promotion. I did find out that locations in San Antonio and also in Seguin do have them available. I live in Pasadena Texas and I am making the trip to Seguin today to go and buy a couple sets hope this helps anyone looking for the tickets. I called to College Station as well as Victoria to see if anybody else closer to Houston offered them but Seguin was the closest.

  7. I’m in the San Antonio area and I purchased this deal from a local IHOP in my area on 7/24/2017, total price $83.27 w/ taxes. One ticket was given with 4 barcodes on the back, which all have to be redeemed at same time. A gift card to use for $40 was also given w/ purchase to use AT ANY IHOP. Hope this information helps!

  8. Hi! I’m glad you are all bringing feedback about these tickets. I tried to help Miguel and willing to purchase and bring tickets to him in corpus on my way to SA this Friday. Hope everyone finds them!!

  9. Ana O,

    I was in Pearland last week. NO ONE around Pearland or nearest IHOP restaurants had any of the tickets. I purchased mine in my home town.

    1. We are taking the kiddos on a trip to SA on Thursday August 3rd coming from Houston. Since Seguin is on the way I’m really hoping I can stop by one of their locations and find some. I just bought 4 tickets to Sea World so this would really help to save me a few bucks. If anyone knows of a location where they would have some for sure on that date please let me know. Greatly appreciated!

      1. Hi Hector, I’ll check the location near me next week when it’s closer to the time you’ll be in town. I’ll give you an update next week.

  10. Gah! Was so excited to see this promotion… and then I saw it starts July 31st, but we’re leaving to go back home tomorrow. =(

    1. Hi Joe. Reader S.G. commented a couple of days ago that you’ll receive 1 ticket with 4 bar codes, which all have to be redeemed at the same time. Sorry that it can’t be split up.

  11. What about dallas, frisco, mckinney, mesquite or garland tx?? I call several i hops around dallas and no luck!!

  12. Do they all have to be redeemed at the same time? Because my cousins are all going at around 12:30 PM and I don’t get out till 4:30 so do you think I won’t be able to get in?

    1. Hi Marlene. It says, “Tickets valid only on day of voucher redemption.”, so you may have a chance if you’re just arriving later. I have not redeemed mine yet, so I don’t know how it will work. Last year we took the voucher to the ticket center and redeemed it for 4 ticket valid only that day. If it works the same way, they might be able to hold on to your ticket until you get there. I would suggest calling Six Flags ahead of time.

  13. Thank you so much, my family & I did this last year & we’re planning on doing it this year. Are the tickets accepted at any Six Flags? We went to San Antonio last year. This year we want to go to a different Six Flags.

    1. Hi Rosalinda. This deal is only valid for Fiesta Texas in San Antonio. I haven’t heard of any other Six Flags deal like this for other locations.

  14. Is there anyone who can tell me if the IHOP in midland texas is offering this or is it just IHOPS closer to San Antonio?

  15. Great i’ll be going in Sept 3 2017 , But i wanted to make sure dis promo was for the rides , and water parks , thanku

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