Chili’s 3 for $10 for a Limited Time!

For a limited time Chili’s is offer 3 for $10!  Choose beverage, a starter, and an entrée from a select menu all for just $10.  No coupon needed.

In case you’re wondering what items are included here’s more info.  Your beverage will need to be non-alchoholic.  Appetizer choices include a bowl of chili, fresco salad, southwest chicken soup, house salad, chips and salsa, baked potato soup, or chicken enchilada soup.  For your entree you can choose a classic bacon burger, 6 oz classic sirloin ($4 more for 10 oz), southwestern quesadilla, margarita grilled chicken, crisp or original chicken crispers, crispy honey chipotle chicken crispers, or cajun chicken pasta!

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